LIMINAL: Sydney Yeager
May 19 - June 30

ARTIST'S RECEPTION: Saturday, May 19, 5-8pm

For the past decade, I've painted on linen, leaving the field either raw or lightly touched with a wash of color. This method insists on a willingness to take what is immediately given Further challenging is my habit of painting "alla prima", or wet into wet. This approach allows little opportunity for revision, and tiptoes along the edge of chaos. Working this way is consistent with my interest in motion and transitory forms, as each mark of the brush holds the possibility of altering the painting entirely.

In this current body of work, the organic forms are now countered by geometry. There is a collision between fluid lines and the brute force of the geometric shapes. The wedges of solid color challenge the tangle of shifting space and line, and begin to imply a narrative. Together, the oppositional forms express a sense of imminent change. These forms are in a state of flux, a condition best described as liminal.




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May 19 - June 30

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