SHAWN CAMP / About the Artist

MFA Painting, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
BFA Painting, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
BS Psychology, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

The paintings of Shawn Camp explore human need to seek out order from disorder. When seen from above, the landscape becomes a tapestry of interweaving influences between nature and the marks carved upon it by humanity. These marks codify sections of terrain, delineate boundaries of ownership, and facilitate our use of the land. Seeing the universe as ordered offers a certain amount of meaning and gives us the sense that we are being taken care of. It is human nature to find order whether it exists or not, and the marked landscape as seen from above becomes a metaphor for that human tendency.

His paintings pare down the idea of landscape to a textured surface of paint that conveys topographic features along with references to boundaries, roads and navigational marks. The thickly applied paint and pasted text reveal an intersection of the raw, natural environment and the ordered grid we project upon it. The text references coordinates and place name labels which are almost entirely hidden from view, like languages from lost civilizations obscured by vast distances of time.

Shawn grew up in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and completed an MFA in painting at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1997. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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