Lyuba Titovets was born, raised and educated in St. Petersburg, Russia. There she thrived amidst the cultural richness of the city. She started her private painting lessons at the age of five and at seven she was selected for the Children's Art Club. She went on to receive a BA and MFA in the University’s College of Fine Arts where she worked in stage and costume design and was involved in the development of the art history program at the University's Department of History of Culture. In 1992, she left her homeland and immigrated to the United States and settled in El Paso where she and her husband have raised their two daughters.

As a painter, Lyuba's talent lies in her visual storytelling. Her figurative paintings employ universal themes: people, customs, and social exchange. This same sense of interaction comes to play in her lively still life paintings. The elements she gathers on a table or window ledge work together to tell a story awash in vibrant color. Like her husband, Lyuba's work pays homage to tradition while maintaining a current point of view.

Since arriving in the United States, Lyuba has received numerous awards and honors from national and international competitions including the National Oil Painters of America competition, Great American Artists exhibition in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Westminster Abbey show in London. Her name is included in the Archive of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. Additionally, Lyuba's work is in public and private collections in the United States and seven other countries and she has illustrated several books.